Product datasheets

In this section we provide you with all necessary data sheets for Fantasia products as downloads. Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

 Fantasia Brush Shampoo (22515)
Type: PDF · Size: 90,14 KB Download
 Fantasia Brush Spray (22500)
Type: PDF · Size: 255,78 KB Download
 Fantasia Scheerzeep Ovaal Coolwave (85110)
Type: PDF · Size: 18,09 KB Download
 Fantasia Scheerzeep Rond Sandelwood (85100, 85103)
Type: PDF · Size: 196,40 KB Download
 Fantasia Soap Strawberry
Type: PDF · Size: 475,23 KB Download
 Fantasia Soap Sweet Grapefruit
Type: PDF · Size: 472,92 KB Download
 Fantasia Soap Kiwi
Type: PDF · Size: 477,49 KB Download
 Fantasia Soap Coffee
Type: PDF · Size: 479,83 KB Download
 Fantasia Soap Cherry
Type: PDF · Size: 473,89 KB Download

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