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Fantasia Beauty is a Europe-wide importer, supplier and wholesaler of cosmetic accessories, beauty studio accessories and cosmetic supplies for make-up artists, hairdressers and retailers.


Make-up accessories & Cosmetic accessories wholesale

We are a pan-European wholesaler of cosmetic supplies and everything you need for professional beauty care and wellness. Our range includes accessories such as applicators, sponges (make-up sponges), mask brushes, facial massage brushes, eyelash pencil sharpeners and eyelash curlers as well as travel make-up bags and cases, toiletry bags, make-up organisers and soaps, empty bottles and jars.

Fantasia cosmetic accessories are high quality products for professional use, such as for make-up artists, in manicure and pedicure, as beauty studio accessories or for hairdressers. Our range is a wide selection of accessories for professional cosmetic products, direct from German cosmetics wholesalers. We focus on high quality make-up accessories and cosmetic accessories that will inspire your customers.

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Make-up accessories for professional cosmetic products as cosmetic supplies

From beauty accessories to beauty studio supplies, as a wholesaler of cosmetic accessories we have a wide range of products for professional cosmetic needs such as beauty salons, hairdressing supplies, manicure and pedicure, but also make-up accessories for the home and bathroom.

Make-up accessories

Fantasia beauty accessories offer many advantages for a professional beauty experience. Our applicators provide a precise and flawless finish, while a make-up sponge is perfect for applying foundation and blending contours. Mask brushes make it easy to apply masks and facial massage brushes stimulate circulation and improve skin texture. High quality eyelash curlers from our Fantasia brand create a glamorous curl. Our make-up organisers are perfect for keeping your cosmetic accessories tidy. We offer quality make-up accessories with functionality – available throughout Europe and direct from the wholesaler.

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Cosmetic jars & bottles

Fantasia offers a range of cosmetic cream jars, mini bottles, travel sets and handy pump bottles for nail polish and facial toner. These cosmetic jars and bottles allow you to take your favourite products with you in handy and travel-friendly sizes, ideal for on the go or when travelling. The jars and bottles provide safe and hygienic storage for cosmetic products and are made from high quality plastic. Fantasia jars, bottles and pump bottles make it easy to dispense and transport skincare products without wasting space or compromising product efficacy.

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Toiletry bags & Cosmetic bags

Fantasia offers a range of toiletry bags including classic toiletry and cosmetic bags, hanging bags and the handy "Wonder Bag". The toiletry bag is perfect for organising and transporting beauty products, while the hanging bag is ideal for travelling and longer stays. The Fantasia "Wonder Bag" is a real space miracle and offers plenty of room. Our Make-up Beauty Case offers great flexibility thanks to its customisable dividers. This allows you to organise the interior of the beauty case according to your own needs and preferences to keep your cosmetics, brushes, tools and accessories neatly organised and well protected.

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Soaps, Acrylic & Bathroom accessories

Fantasia soaps are made in Europe and are characterised by their wonderful scents and pleasant lather. Each soap is unique as our soaps are handmade. We use only natural ingredients and our soaps are vegan, which means they are free from animal ingredients. This allows you to cleanse and care for your skin in a gentle and natural way. The range is complemented by a wide selection of acrylic products and bathroom accessories. From soap dispensers, soap trays and soap holders to make-up organisers, lipstick stands, cotton bud boxes and facial tissue dispensers, these are just a few of our accessories.

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In the Fantasia Beauty online shop and cosmetics catalogue you will find accessories for make-up and cosmetics, acrylic products for the bathroom and soaps directly from the manufacturer and importer from Germany.

What sectors are the cosmetic accessories for?

Our products are aimed as cosmetic studio accessories and professional accessories in the beauty and make-up sector at commercial dealers, resellers, make-up artists or in general hairdressing supplies and for drugstore and bathroom article dealers. As a German importer, supplier and wholesaler of cosmetic accessories, our range covers many beauty areas and applications.

How can I buy cosmetic accessories as a retailer?

As a commercial customer or reseller, you can register for a free dealer account. This gives you access to our product catalogue and online shop. To request our product catalogue for cosmetic accessories or to order via the online shop, a one-time and free registration as a B2B dealer is required.

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