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German supplier and wholesaler of nail accessories

Fantasia Beauty is a European importer and wholesaler of nail studio supplies and manicure and pedicure products.


Wholesale for nail studio supplies & nail design accessories

As a wholesaler we offer a wide range of nail files and polishers for nail studios, manicure and pedicure salons. The quality of Fantasia glass nail files and foot files enables precise and gentle nail care. The high quality files are ideal for nail care and nail art to create manicured and professional looking nails.

For nail modelling and general nail studio needs, our range includes nail brushes and accessories such as cuticle pusher, which enable comprehensive nail care and nail art and promote optimum nail health. With our nail files, polishers and foot care products, you have the right tools and the best products to hand.

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German supplier

Manicure and pedicure accessories

Fantasia is a B2B cosmetic supplier of high quality nail care products. When it comes to the perfect manicure and pedicure, our nail products are the first choice. Our wide range of products has been carefully selected to give your customers a first class manicure and pedicure.

Glass files

Our glass nail files are an essential tool for creating the perfect manicure or pedicure. Their fine grit ensures that the nails are filed gently without splitting or damaging the nails. The high quality glass file offers long life and is easy to clean and disinfect, making it the hygienic choice for professional nail salons and discerning end users.

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Cuticle knife

For precise nail care and preparation, we stock the top quality Fantasia brand cuticle knife. Our professional cuticle knives allow you to gently and precisely remove excess cuticle to reveal a flawless nail surface. With an ergonomic design and high quality materials, our cuticle knives ensure comfortable handling and the best possible results.

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Nail polishers & Sandblade files

The Fantasia nail polishers in our beauty and nail salon range add the finishing touches for shiny nails. These nail files are gentle on the polish and can create a natural shine. Used in combination with the Fantasia sandblade files, these manicure files are ideal for shaping and refining nails in professional nail care, nail design and nail art.

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Foot files & Pumice stones

We also offer premium pedicure solutions for perfect foot care. Our range includes high quality pumice stones and foot files which are essential for removing dead skin and smoothing rough areas. Our pumice stones and foot files are a natural and gentle way to reduce the appearance of calluses and make feet and skin softer and smoother.

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In the online nail design shop and cosmetics catalogue from Fantasia Beauty you will find accessories for manicures and pedicures in nail salons and beauty studios.

Can I order at Fantasia as a professional nail designer?

If you are a professional nail designer, cosmetician or nail studio, you can of course order products from us. As a wholesaler, supplier and importer from Germany with experience throughout Europe, we offer a wide range of nail products and accessories for your individual needs. Whether you offer gel nails and acrylic nails or other nail techniques for artificial fingernails or nail modelling and nail care, we have the right assortment and set for you. We also offer high quality products for medical manicure, pedicure and chiropody.

Can I order products in larger quantities?

As a retailer, you can order both small and large quantities from our wholesale business. We offer our nail design products as individual products as well as sets and complete displays. Contact us and we will be happy to advise you.

What are the nail care products used for?

Manicure glass file
The manicure glass file is used to file nails gently and precisely to give them the desired shape. Its smooth surface prevents the nails from splitting.
Pedicure glass file
Similar to the manicure glass file, the pedicure glass file is used to file and shape the nails during the pedicure. It is often slightly larger and more durable to meet the demands of toenails.
Wooden sticks for cuticles
These wooden sticks are used to gently push back and nourish the cuticle without damaging the delicate skin around the nail.
Hardwood sticks for cuticles
Unlike the softer wooden sticks, hardwood sticks are more robust and are ideal for removing stubborn cuticles and dirt under the nails.
Cuticle knife
A cuticle knife enables you to remove excess cuticle with precision.
Hoof sticks
Hoof sticks, often made of wood or plastic, are used to remove dirt from under the nails and clean the nail edges.
Nail polisher
Nail polishers have fine surfaces to gently smooth the nail plate and create a natural shine without using nail polish.
Buffer file
Buffer files are available in different grit sizes and are used to smooth the nail surface, even out irregularities and create an ideal base for nail polish or nail care.
Pumice stone
The pumice stone is used to remove calluses from the feet and to smooth the skin, which is particularly important for the pedicure.
Sandblade file
Sandblade files have different grit sizes on each side and are suitable for shortening, shaping and smoothing nails.
Foot file
Foot files often have a rough surface. They help to remove rough skin and calluses from the feet, leaving soft, smooth skin.

How can I buy nail care supplies online as a retailer or nail studio?

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