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Wholesaler of cosmetic mirrors & make-up mirrors

Fantasia Beauty is a European supplier and wholesaler of cosmetic mirrors such as hand mirrors, pocket mirrors, wall mirrors and suction cup mirrors.


Cosmetic mirrors and LED make-up mirrors wholesale

As a German supplier and wholesaler of cosmetic mirrors, we offer a wide range of cosmetic mirrors. These include hand mirrors, pocket mirrors, wall mirrors and suction cup mirrors (cosmetic mirrors without drilling) for easy attachment to flat surfaces. Fantasia mirrors are available in a variety of materials including acrylic and metal. Our cosmetic mirrors also offer up to 15x magnification.

Cosmetic mirrors with light: Our range of mirrors includes LED cosmetic mirrors that provide a bright and well-lit reflection. Fantasia's professional cosmetic and make-up mirrors not only allow you to precisely apply make-up, tweeze and shape eyebrows, but also optimise your skincare routine by providing a clear view and enlarged mirror image.

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German importer

Cosmetic mirrors & Professional make-up mirrors

Make-up mirrors are more than just practical tools. They are an expression of style, personality and well-being. That's why, as a German importer and pan-European wholesaler of cosmetic mirrors, we offer a wide range of make-up mirrors. Whether classic wall mirrors, modern standing mirrors or innovative LED mirrors.

Pocket mirror

The Fantasia Pocket Cosmetic Mirror is a useful tool. Our pocket mirrors are lightweight and compact in size. Our pocket sized make-up mirrors are also available with LED lighting and a 15x magnification function, which allows you to see more of the details of your face. Our pocket mirrors are a handy little helper for any handbag.

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Standing mirror

Standing mirrors, adjustable mirrors or hand mirrors are a useful accessory for everyday beauty care. Fantasia's standing and adjustable make-up mirrors have the advantage that they can be positioned and adjusted to suit the lighting conditions. Our range of make-up mirrors also includes standing mirrors with LED lighting.

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Wall mirror

A cosmetic wall mirror is a mirror for wall mounting. Used mainly for make-up, skin care, shaving and bathroom purposes, Fantasia's wall mirrors are designed for wall mounting. The advantage of a wall mounted cosmetic mirror is that it can be mounted on the wall to save space. It also offers better lighting thanks to LED lights.

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Fantasia Beauty is a German importer, supplier and wholesaler of cosmetic mirrors such as pocket mirrors, hand mirrors, standing mirrors, wall mirrors, mirrors with lighting and mirrors with magnification.

What types of vanity mirrors are available?

Magnifying mirrors
This mirror has a magnifying surface to help you see fine details of the face. It is useful for precise make-up application or eyebrow tweezing.
Illuminated mirrors
This mirror has built-in lights that provide even and natural illumination of the skin and face. It is ideal for use in dark rooms or in poor lighting conditions.
Wall mirrors
This mirror mounts on the wall and takes up no space on the table or dresser. It is stable, elegant, durable and suitable for daily beauty and shaving routines.
Swivelling mirrors
This mirror has a swivel arm or stand that allows you to adjust the angle and height of the mirror. This is useful for different perspectives or positions.
Travel and pocket mirrors
This mirror is small, lightweight, foldable and fits well in the hand. It can be easily stored in a handbag or suitcase. It is perfect for travelling or for luggage with little space and volume.

Advantages and applications of mirrors with lighting

Illuminated mirrors are a popular choice for cosmetic mirrors as they offer better visibility and even lighting. They are also available with a magnifying function, making it easier to apply make-up or improve skin care.

Advantages of illuminated mirrors
  • Better visibility: Illuminated mirrors offer better visibility as they distribute the light evenly across the face.
  • Even lighting: The even lighting of illuminated mirrors helps to minimise shadows and ensure better visibility.
  • Magnification function: The magnification function of illuminated mirrors makes it easier to see details such as pores and fine lines.
Applications for illuminated mirrors
  • Hairdressing salons: Illuminated mirrors are very popular in hairdressing salons.
  • Beauty parlours: Beauty parlours often use illuminated mirrors.
  • Bathrooms: Illuminated mirrors are also a popular choice for bathrooms as they provide better visibility and even lighting.

Advantages and applications of wall mirrors

Wall mirrors are a space-saving and decorative option for vanity mirrors. They are available in different sizes and shapes and can be used in different environments.

Advantages of wall mirrors
  • Space-saving: Wall mirrors are a space-saving option as they can be fixed to the wall and do not take up space on the floor or on a table.
  • Decorative: Wall mirrors can also be decorative and help to beautify a room.
  • Varied sizes and shapes: Wall mirrors are available in numerous sizes and shapes and can be customised to suit individual customer needs.
Applications for wall mirrors
  • Hotels: Wall mirrors are a popular choice for hotels as they save space and give guests a way to apply make-up or shave.
  • Changing rooms: Wall mirrors are also a popular choice for changing rooms as they offer a space-saving option and give customers a way to check their outfit.
  • Living rooms: Wall mirrors can also be used in living rooms to enhance a room and reflect the light.

Advantages and applications of standing mirrors

Standing mirrors usually have a swivel joint that allows the mirror to be positioned at different angles. They can also have a magnification function, allowing you to see details when applying cosmetics. They can also be designed with a built-in light to help you see your make-up in poor lighting conditions.

Advantages of standing mirrors
  • Mobility: Standing mirrors are a mobile option and can be easily moved from place to place.
  • Adjustability: Standing mirrors are usually height adjustable and can be adapted to suit the customer's needs.
  • Magnification function: Standing mirrors can also have a magnification function, making it easier to apply make-up or improve skin care.
Applications for standing mirrors
  • Dressing tables: Standing mirrors are a popular choice for dressing tables as they are mobile and can have a magnifying function.
  • Dressing rooms: Standing mirrors are also a popular choice for dressing rooms as they are mobile and height adjustable.
  • Showrooms: Standing mirrors can also be used in showrooms to allow customers to try on clothes or jewellery.

Cosmetic mirrors for resellers, private label and white label manufacturers

Wholesale of LED cosmetic mirrors, make-up mirrors with thousands of units or very small quantities - all Fantasia mirrors can also be ordered as private label products. This means that we can customise the mirror packaging and the back of the mirror with your logo. Even for relatively small quantities. This means that you can operate as a reseller, private label or white label manufacturer of cosmetic mirrors under your own brand without having to produce or handle imports yourself.

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As a retailer, you have the option of ordering our full range directly and quickly via our online shop for beauty supplies, by telephone or by fax. All you need to do is register once as a B2B retailer to gain free access to our catalogue for cosmetic products or to order via the online shop. All options for ordering as well as a form for dealer registration can be found below.

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