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Fantasia Beauty is a European importer and wholesaler of hairbrushes, combs, bath brushes and massage brushes.


Hairbrushes and combs wholesale

Hairbrushes and combs are the perfect tools for keeping hair healthy and beautiful. These inconspicuous beauty products can make a huge difference to the appearance and health of your hair. As an importer and wholesaler of professional carbon combs and sustainable hairbrushes throughout Europe, we understand the importance of high quality hairbrushes and combs.

Fantasia carbon combs and wooden bamboo hairbrushes are an excellent choice for anyone who wants healthy, shiny and easy to maintain hair. Our branded combs and hairbrushes are made from premium, high quality materials and offer numerous advantages for hair styling. These cosmetic hair products are not only environmentally friendly, but also durable and easy to use.

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German importer

Brushes and combs supplier

Hairbrushes, massage brushes and combs are essential beauty products for anyone who cares about their hair and skin. As a German wholesaler of combs and brushes, we offer a wide range of high quality hairbrushes, combs and massage brushes made from sustainable materials, shapes and colours.

Carbon combs

The Fantasia Carbon Combs have an anti-static effect to reduce static and prevent frizz. The carbon teeth are gentle on the hair and help to untangle tangles and knots without damaging the hair. Lightweight yet strong, the Fantasia carbon combs are durable and are ideal for professional use in the salon or for everyday hair care.

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Fantasia Bamboo Hairbrushes promote healthy and shiny hair. Bamboo is a natural material that is environmentally friendly and sustainable. With rounded wooden pins and natural bristles, our hairbrushes glide gently through hair, detangling it effortlessly while massaging the scalp. Our brushes are lightweight and ergonomically designed for a pleasant and comfortable experience.

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Bath brushes

Bath and shower brushes are indispensable for optimal body care. The skin is thoroughly cleansed, blood circulation is stimulated and dead skin cells are removed. The result is smooth and shiny skin. They are ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach areas such as the back and for relieving muscle tension. Our bath brushes are equipped with natural bristles and a removable handle.

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Massage brushes

Massage brushes are a real all-rounder for skin care and well-being. The Fantasia massage brushes help to stimulate circulation and massage in shower gel, creams and lotions. This can help reduce the appearance of cellulite and improve skin texture. Wellness and massage brushes can also relieve muscle tension and contribute to relaxation.

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In the Fantasia Beauty online shop and cosmetics catalogue you will find high-quality hairbrushes and hair combs as well as massage brushes and carbon combs.

Advantages of hairbrushes and bamboo hairbrushes

A good hairbrush can help loosen tangles and knots without damaging the hair. This is especially important for people with long or shaggy hair.
A hairbrush can help increase blood circulation to the scalp. This can help to keep your hair healthy and shiny.
Dandruff removal
A hairbrush can help to remove dandruff from the scalp. This can make your hair look better.
Distribution of oils
A hairbrush can help to distribute oils from the scalp along the length of the hair. This can lead to healthy, shiny hair.
A hairbrush can help to shape the hair. This can make the hair look neater.
Bamboo is a natural material that contains no chemicals or synthetic materials. This can result in healthy, shiny hair.
Bamboo hairbrushes are durable and can be used for many years. This makes them a cost-effective investment.

Advantages of combs and carbon hair combs

Lightweight and robust
A carbon comb is made from a very light and strong material that will not break or bend.
A carbon hair comb is antistatic, which means it prevents the hair from becoming electrically charged and flying.
Heat resistant
A carbon comb is heat resistant, which means it can be used with a hairdryer, straightener or curling iron without melting or burning.
A carbon comb is hypoallergenic, it does not cause allergic reactions or skin irritations.
A carbon hair comb is hygienic, it does not absorb moisture or dirt and is easy to clean.

Advantages of massage brushes

Deep skin cleansing
Massage brushes can help to remove dirt, oil and dead skin cells from the skin on a daily basis. This can help to cleanse, refine and smooth the skin.
Stimulation of blood circulation
Massage brushes can help to increase blood flow to the skin. This can help to rejuvenate, firm and smooth the skin.
Removal of dead skin cells
Massage brushes can help to remove dead skin cells from the skin. This can help to cleanse, refine and smooth the skin.
Cellulite reduction
Massage brushes can help reduce the appearance of cellulite. This is because massage brushes can stimulate blood circulation and firm the skin.
Improving the skin structure
Massage brushes can help improve skin texture. This is because massage brushes increase blood circulation and can firm the skin.
Relieve muscle tension
Massage brushes can help relieve muscle tension. This is because massage brushes can increase blood circulation and loosen muscles.
Massage brushes can help reduce stress and relax. This is because massage brushes can increase blood circulation and relax muscles.

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