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Fantasia Beauty is a European importer, wholesaler and manufacturer of perfume atomisers, table atomisers and travel bag atomisers. We are also a wholesaler of perfume bottles.


Perfume atomiser & refillable perfume bottle wholesale

Fantasia offers stylish and practical pocket and travel perfume atomisers for when you are out and about, as well as decorative and high quality table atomisers with or without a ball pump and glass flacons. Perfume bottles and refillable pump atomisers allow you to apply your favourite fragrances as a perfume or with cold water as a fine mist to refresh yourself at any time.

We have a variety of perfume atomisers in our range: aluminium, mini perfume atomisers and sprays, as well as glass flacons and perfume bottles. High quality, refillable directly from the wholesaler in Germany. As a Europe-wide supplier of cosmetics accessories and beauty products, stainless steel perfume funnels for easy filling and sample atomisers complete our range of refillable perfume atomisers.

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German supplier

Refillable perfume atomiser – for travel, bags, as a mini spray or glass bottle

Immerse yourself in the world of our perfume atomisers. Precision-made, our atomisers and high quality glass bottles are the perfect way to apply your favourite fragrances in style. Whether you choose a portable perfume atomiser for on-the-go and travel, or a standing glass atomiser as a perfume bottle.

Pocket & Hand atomiser

Our practical and stylish plastic, aluminium or glass pocket atomisers allow you to enjoy your favourite perfume on the go. Our mini perfume atomisers are small enough to fit in your handbag or jacket pocket, so you can take your favourite fragrance with you wherever you go. What's more, they're all refillable, perfect for matching with our funnel or as a set.

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Table atomiser

Apply your fragrance in style with our elegant table atomisers. Experience the subtle luxury and elegance of our high quality glass table atomisers with or without a ball pump that are not only functional but also make a statement. Attractively designed and crafted from the finest materials, Fantasia's stand atomisers harmoniously combine form and function.

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Perfume bottles (flacons)

With their elegance, our glass bottles and refillable perfume bottles are the perfect way to present your favourite fragrance in the bathroom or on the table. Fantasia's stylish clear glass perfume bottles are available as decorative table atomisers with a ball pump or with a spray pump. Our refillable perfume bottles retain the fragrance and are easy to refill with our perfume funnel.

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Sample atomiser

As a wholesaler and supplier of perfume sample atomisers and sample sprayers, our product range also offers a large selection of high quality mini atomisers made of plastic or glass (glass body and plastic pump). The Fantasia sample atomisers are easy to fill, preserve and optimally retain the fragrance of the perfume and are also available in different colours.

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In the Fantasia Beauty online shop and cosmetics catalogue you will find perfume atomisers, sample pump atomisers and perfume glass bottles for refilling directly from the manufacturer and importer from Germany.

What is the difference between a flacon and an atomiser?

A flacon is an empty perfume bottle, usually made of glass. It is used to hold perfume and comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. An atomiser is a perfume sprayer used to apply the liquid and fragrance in a fine spray. An atomiser usually has a ball pump or pumping device that atomises the perfume into small droplets. Bottles and atomisers are sold directly by manufacturers and suppliers and can be refilled. This is usually done with a perfume funnel.

What are the advantages of refillable perfume atomisers?

Refillable fragrance atomisers are small bottles specially designed for holding and refreshing perfume. They make it easy to take your favourite perfume with you and refresh it on the go.

What are the advantages of refillable fragrance atomisers?
  • The small atomisers are practical and handy, ideal for on the go or when travelling.
  • They offer the option of having different fragrances in separate containers.
  • They are environmentally friendly as they reduce the need to refill perfume bottles and generate less waste.
  • They allow targeted dosing of the perfume to avoid overdosing.
  • They protect the perfume from exposure to light, which extends the shelf life of the fragrance.

How can I buy perfume atomisers online as a retailer?

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