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Fantasia Beauty is a German manufacturer, wholesaler and supplier of razors, shaving brushes, shaving accessories and shaving brush sets.

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Badger hair shaving brush or vegan bristles for a high quality shave

Fantasia shaving products offer a wide range for wet shaving, such as high quality shaving brushes (synthetic or badger hair bristles), shaving stands and holders for shaving brushes, shaving soap, razors and beard care products for a pleasant daily shave and beard care. Whether you prefer a classic or modern style, as a German manufacturer and wholesaler of shaving brushes, we have badger hair shaving brushes or shaving brushes with vegan synthetic hair.

A well-groomed shaving culture needs high quality shaving accessories. Our razors, straight razors, shaving soap, beard brushes and combs as well as synthetic and badger hair brushes are made from high quality materials and guarantee a long life in daily use - in addition to basic shaving brushes we also offer premium shaving brushes made in Germany.

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German importer

Wholesaler & Shaving brush manufacturer

Shaving accessories are more than just a means to an end, because shaving is an art that requires precision and style. That's why, as a wholesale supplier of shaving brushes and accessories, we offer a wide range of high quality shaving products and shaving brush sets.

Badger hair brush

Badger hair shaving brushes are ideal for a smooth and comfortable shave. The fine, natural bristles make it possible to lather up the shaving foam particularly well and apply it to the skin. Made from pure badger hair, the brush has a massaging effect and reduces irritation during shaving. The natural hair brush is an essential accessory.

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Synthetic brushes

A synthetic hair shaving brush is perfect for anyone who prefers a shaving brush without natural hair and also values vegan products for their daily shave. The brush fits comfortably in the hand and the head is made from high quality synthetic hair fibres that lather and massage just as well as natural hair brushes.

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Shaving & Beard Set

Our Shaving Brush Set and Beard Set provide a perfectly combined set for everyday shaving, professional use or as a travel shaving kit. They usually consist of a razor with shaving bowl, shaving stand and shaving brush or, in the case of the beard set, a drawstring bag with a beard comb, beard brush, scissors and a dust comb.

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Shaving bowl

Our stainless steel shaving bowl is an essential accessory for your daily shave. We offer the shaving bowl with or without a base. Both guarantee a secure stand. The high quality finish, combined with our shaving soap, ensures the best possible lather.

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Brush holder

Shaving stands are designed to hold shaving equipment and ensure optimum drying and hygienic storage. A shaving brush holder keeps shaving utensils tidy and within easy reach. A shaving brush holder also ensures hygienic storage.

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The straight razor provides a clean and close shave, while the scissors are used for minor adjustments. Shaving soap provides a rich, creamy lather and the strop keeps the razor sharp. Beard brushes help groom and shape the beard.

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In the Fantasia Beauty online shop and cosmetics catalogue you will find high quality badger hair and synthetic hair shaving brushes and accessories.

What types of shaving brushes are available?

Shaving brushes are an important wet shave accessory. They are used to lather up the shaving soap or cream and apply it evenly to the face. They massage the skin and straighten the facial hair for a closer, more comfortable shave. There are different types of shaving brushes, which vary in material, shape and quality. The most common are:

Badger hair brushes
Made from badger hair, they are very soft and absorbent. They can hold a lot of water and produce a rich lather. Badger hair brushes are sturdy and come in different grades of quality, depending on which part of the animal the hair comes from. The highest quality is silvertip badger hair, followed by fine badger hair, pure badger hair and grey badger hair.
Synthetic brushes
The synthetic hair shaving brushes are made from synthetic fibres designed to imitate the natural product badger hair and silver tip. They are vegan, hypoallergenic and easy to maintain. Advantages of shaving brushes: They dry faster than natural hair, making them ideal for travelling. Synthetic brushes are generally cheaper than badger hair brushes, but are slightly less durable.
Bristle brush
They are made from pig bristles, which are very strong and tough and therefore slightly less soft. They require a longer soak before wet shaving to become softer. They produce a good lather, but also more friction on the skin. Bristle brushes are the cheapest shaving brushes, but they are also the most scratchy and are not recommended for sensitive skin.

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